4 pack

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Lovely Lemon Roll
This is the perfect sweet, yet tart, lemon treat. Our delicious cinnamon roll is topped with lemon butter icing, a lemon glaze and a swirl of icing! Say goodbye to your lemon dessert cravings and sink your teeth into the Lovely Lemon Roll! Calories: 673

Beautiful Blueberry Roll
Nicole’s dad loves all things blueberry and so do we! This roll is topped with a delicious cinnamon blueberry sauce and icing swirl. Enjoy the subtle yet refreshing flavours of the Beautiful Blueberry roll! Calories: 607

Classic Cinnamon Roll 
The Classic Roll is exactly what you think of when you get a craving for a cinnamon roll! Gooey brown sugar, the rich taste of cinnamon, all topped with a lemon butter icing that will melt in your mouth with each bite.  Calories: 576

Classic Chocolate Roll 
For all the chocolate lovers out there, this roll is for you!! The chocolate roll allows you to have that delicious chocolaty taste on top of a fresh cinnamon roll! It is the perfect balance of a chocolate butter icing over cinnamon goodness! As a tribute to Nicole’s Dutch side we have added chocolate sprinkles on top of the icing. It may not be a chocolate sprinkle sandwich made with love by Oma, but it sure is delicious! Calories: 635

Sensational Strawberry Roll 
This roll was inspired by Nicole’s love of strawberries! It is topped with a homemade cinnamon strawberry sauce that complements the roll underneath perfectly! Enjoy your cinnamon roll with a sensational strawberry topping and lemon butter icing.  Calories: 591

Awesome Apple Roll 
Apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce…one can’t deny that apples and cinnamon go together. It also happens to be one of Vincent’s all time favourite tastes for desserts, which is why it only seemed natural for us to come up with a cinnamon roll that was topped with a homemade apple cinnamon sauce. The combination leaves your mouth watering for more. Calories: 639

Perfect Pecan Roll 
Caramel sauce, check! Pecans, check! Lemon butter icing, check! Delicious cinnamon roll underneath, check! You will love sinking your teeth into the perfect pecan roll!  Calories: 985

Chocolate Strawberry Roll
Chocolate and strawberries are meant to go together, so why not put them on top of a mouth watering cinnamon roll! The chocolate butter icing melts and blends with our homemade cinnamon strawberry sauce to create a truly marvelous roll! Calories: 640

Raisin Roll
Vince is a HUGE fan of raisins! A slice of homemade raisin bread by Grandma was something Nicole’s family would fight for all the time! The raisin roll is bursting with raisins, that have been rolled into the dough and cooked, so that you get a raisin with every bite! It is topped with our classic lemon butter icing and a few extra raisins! Calories:

S’mores Roll
When we got the suggestion for a s’mores roll from our friend we knew we had to create one! Nicole’s family loves to camp and every year her family gets together for a camping trip. Campfires and s’mores are a big part of it. This roll brings the deliciousness of a s’mores right to you, year round, no campfire needed! The cinnamon roll is topped with marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows (browned perfectly), graham cracker pieces, and a drizzle of homemade chocolate sauce! It is truly to die for! Calories: 652

Pumpkin Spice

Enjoy the taste of fall with our new pumpkin spice cinnamon roll. Our scrumptious cinnamon roll is topped with a pumpkin spice buttercream icing that leaves you smiling after every bite. If you enjoy pumpkin spice this is a must try! Available for a limited time only!
Calories: 582