About Us

We are Vincent and Nicole, partners in life and in Sweet TNT. Eating delicious homemade food is very important to us. We both come from families where everything was made from scratch and have been helping in the kitchen since we were little. We believe the preparing, eating, and sharing of food is one of the best ways to bring people together and share joy!

We love trying new food and have enjoyed combining the tastes of our family’s cultural foods. Vincent’s parents were both born in Trinidad and Nicole comes from a Polish/Dutch background. Sharing traditional foods from these cultures, combining flavors and experimenting to make new food traditions for our own little family is a great joy.

Our dream is to share this joy of combining traditional flavors and dishes in new ways with Sweet TNT! Our launching product is cinnamon rolls, but with a new twist! We are bringing in all kinds of new toppings that speak to our heritages and bring to life some of our favourite tastes all on top of a delicious cinnamon roll! Also, our future products include perogies and Trinidad doubles.